We share the Journeymen’s experience. We make meticulously sourced, thoughtfully prepared, delicious food in an environment that is warm and enjoyable. Our service embodies our commitment to community through care and appreciation for the relationships that make our business flourish. Ultimately, we strive to enrich the lives of everyone that is a part of the Journeymen experience.



Our Passion for the Hospitality industry started from early on and we have since dedicated our careers to it.  We have accrued a wealth of knowledge and mentorship as managers and operators of many successful restaurants over the course of our cumulative thirty-four years.  Equally important to us is our humility to understand that there is not only so much more to learn, but also to give back.



Community is the foundation for any successful food and beverage enterprise. At Journeymen, we incorporate the principles of community into our day to day operations. This starts with our employees. Creating a space where staff can meaningfully engage in the community, develop professionally and learn all aspects of the business yields better lives through job satisfaction and growth. 


David G. Wilcox / CHEF

Originating from the Chicago area, David left his second home of Michigan to travel in lieu of college. Eventually he landed on the island of Kauai. Already a veteran of the hospitality industry, he went to work in the kitchen for his first time, his passion for cooking having been sparked by spending several seasons working on organic and biodynamic farms.

His approach is to be well rounded and versatile to understand every aspect of the restaurant business. In the kitchen this means having dedicated a considerable amount of time to butchering and fabrication, bread, pastries, wood-fired cooking, as well as the study of various techniques from around the world. On the business side, he has been involved with every aspect of operations. Restaurants are a challenging business and it is the challenge that he enjoys.

David has worked in notable kitchens such as Gjelina in Venice, Mama’s Fish House on Maui and was Executive Chef of Mill Valley Beerworks in Marin to critical acclaim. David is actively involved in community projects and gardening. He is also a single father and spends much of his time sharing food, cooking, community, and more with his son.



Every single one of our team members exudes a passion for the food industry that stems from both knowledge and curiosity. A strong work ethic, a desire to learn and a good attitude are paramount for all of our staff. Our team is comprised of extremely diverse, full-time individuals that are dedicated to a career in hospitality. The ranges of experience and knowledge allow for an ever evolving team that is not only supportive, but also enthusiastic and full of joy.