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We support small farmers directly because more money goes into their pockets, and having a relationship with those who grow your food means you have a connection to the source. You also know how it was grown, raised, or harvested.

We use organic wheat and grains grown in California and Utah. Our dough is made with wild yeast (sourdough) and a significant amount of whole wheat flour. It is made by hand daily and cold fermented.

The quality of ingredients we use speak for themselves. We are not just a pizza restaurant… pizza/ bread are our cornerstones that allow us to share the bounty of thoughtfully and ethically sourced produce, seafood, and meat that comprise so much of our menu.

We are committed to community involvement. Please check out our calendar for upcoming events, classes, and other fun things!

We try not to take ourselves to seriously. We do that enough with the quality of the food. We like to listen to good tunes and share a casual and homey vibe. Come in, have a good time, come again!

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thank you