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We also offer seasonal vegetables that change based on what our farmers have. Follow our instagram @hailmarypizza for more info




One year. So many things in a years time. We set out to be a neighborhood restaurant. Simple food done right, good vibes, a concisely curated wine & beer list, and community. We had ideas & ambitions, but mostly, we have listened to what we should be. Some things have been dictated by necessity. Some changes have been through listening to our patrons. In every way it has been a humbling and incredible experience! 

Like any restaurant, the turnover since the beginning is high. None the less, we have been graced with so many wonderful people who, without, this one year marker would not be possible. Every one that has contributed to our success is appreciated. It is incredibly tough to summarize the array of emotions considering all of those who have made Journeymen what it is today. All are family. Some are etched into the floors and walls giving life and pulse to the bones of this place. 

Who we are now is a mix of diverse people. We are all committed to an experience that continues to evolve. One year in we have turned over staff, yet most of those here now, have been here for some time. The work put in by the staff is vast. They have taken on more and more responsibilities and ownership of the restaurant. 

With this in mind Journeymen takes its next step in evolution. While mostly symbolic at this point, 30% of Journeymen’s profits are now solely dedicated to employee shares. This means that when you dine at Journeymen not only do you support local farmers and small purveyors that we buy direct from, you support our staff, our team. At the core of our values, we set out to run a business based on ethics. And one of the most telltale ways to observe a business and it’s ethics is how it treats it’s employees. 

I will take it a step further though and state that it is not the business, it is the humans running it. As I say this I am aware of how many people dissociate a business from those who run them. As the proprietor, I have a responsibility to those that work for me, to treat them well. I also have standards they must adhere to, and other requirements to uphold their end of the “agreement”. That is to say, they have to represent Journeymen. We define this together. 

What is taking shape now is a self regulating form of management. The people of Journeymen have an interest in how the business performs, and therefore they care for it as their own. I run our business openly with them, and they understand what is needed to succeed. It is not without a learning curve that we operate our small little establishment. 

As we move forward into our second year, I wanted to share this news as well as other aspects of running a restaurant, and well just unload a bit. I want to go into detail about aspects of the food and beverage world that I observe. I want to ask questions of others and hear their perspectives. So I have decided to start this journal. All topics are on the table. Follow along here, and ask questions. Come visit us and share your thoughts as well.

On that note, come see us! We are a small restaurant that opened on a tiny budget with humble beginnings. We are here mostly because we believe in ourselves and work hard. We also listen and want you to share with us what you love, and what you want to see more of. We have made a lot of changes, all for the better. If you have not been before, no better time! If you have been, guaranteed we have evolved. Dinner is so fun! Brunch is a blast! I am here most days! Say hello! 

A few things of note moving forward. We will be hosting various community events on Tuesdays. We are closed for dinner service that night, so that we can host events that engage our community. Check our calendar for more info (we should have a schedule for August in the next day or so…).We will be hosting some guest chefs from our favorite restaurants on the regular. This is how we show support for the folks that we appreciate around town. We want to see others like us thrive! Keep a close eye on our menu… there are some things we have done to make our menu more accessible. We know we seemed expensive with the gratuity free and tax included (more on that in the future). Come check out what we have in store… 

Come join us August 5th for our one year anniversary night! We have a $20 bar style food menu. All the bites you can crush off the bar for $20! Some fun drinks! Some great music (like we always do!) and we will open up the floor later… All the things that make Journeymen a special little spot in a neighborhood you need to come visit. See you soon!







We support small farmers directly because more money goes into their pockets, and having a relationship with those who grow your food means you have a connection to the source. You also know how it was grown, raised, or harvested.

We use organic grains grown in California . Our dough is made with wild yeast and a small amount of poolish. It is made by hand daily and cold fermented.

The quality of ingredients we use speak for themselves. We are not your run of the mill pizza place.

We are committed to community involvement. Please check out our calendar for upcoming events, classes, and other fun things!

We try not to take ourselves to seriously. We do that enough with the quality of the food. Come in, have a good time, come again!

Any questions, please email us:

thank you